Hell Badgers - Would you like to know more?

History of the
Hell Badgers - Would you like to know more?

This all began as a rather humorous discussion about starting a fun yet bad ass group for Star Citizen.  In one day I had quite a few different people say we need to do this, and out of those people, they all had more friends who were interested as well.  The thought was it would be fun to have a tight group of talented dog fighters who were dedicated space sim fans and hardcore players.  The group's start is in Alberta, Canada, but won't necessarily be limited to players from this region.  Recruitment will be expanded I am sure as we move forward finding more dedicated and talented players who have a real investment in gaming.  With all the people that are interested there may be a core Combat Ops group and a Support Ops group, making it easier to bring in friends that are more interested in other aspects than combat.  IRL flight operations all work like this anyway, regardless of how Elite they are in combat, everyone needs a support group.

Alignment and Focus

The idea behind this group is not to be like a lot of groups, where you are a pirate, mercenary, military, goody two-shoes paladins, don't do this, don't do that kind of group.  We do have a focus and hopefully that focus will breed great players.  In RPG alignment sense, HellBadgers would be neutral.  Especially neutral in the sense of always supporting the underdog, since we are underdogs ourselves.  Being a small tightly knit group living on the edge, will re-enforce the fact that we will lose.  A lot.  By always doing things that everyone else finds too difficult, we will lose.  But eventually.  We will win.  The biggest reward for playing in the most challenging ways, is the skill you can't develop otherwise.  Doing missions that no one else does, doing jobs everyone deems too treacherous, and always playing both sides.  And not for the money.  HellBadgers are not just mercs who go for the most pay.  At times, that may be the best thing to do, but sometimes we will just choose to turn down the big corps, and help the little guy in need.  This is where like a real badger, we will be apart of the balance.  Just... a destructive part of the balance.  There is no Space for Carebears here.  Do the tough missions, crawl, scrape, fight tooth and claw!  Eventually, you will find a HellBadger, can do more than anyone else.  Want to be average?  Go play in the safe zone with everyone else.  Want to be exceptional?  Prepare, to Don't Care!

"Those with fewer resources will tend to harden into better and more resourceful players."

You need a mascot!

Every squadron needs a mascot!  Something to represent them, and hopefully their disposition.  You want something people can identify with.  Eagles for that bold majestic aerial flight crap.  Tigers for that kill you right now angry cat thing.  Bears for big and we'll crush you.  CareBears for those who need their hands held.  Etc etc.

Hmmm.  The only one thing that came to mind (almost immediately) was the Honey Badger.  Regardless of its small size, its unstoppable, damn near unkillable, sleek, fast, has claws and teeth to spare... but most of all: "Honey Badger Don't Care"
After some digging around and checking what other groups have used honey badger as a mascot, I realized that we may need something with a unique touch. 

Custom Colors and Logo

FlyTigers HellsAngels

Hell Badger's Collage

Death From AboveHell Badger Emblem
Next, a full Emblem was needed...

A shoulder or sleeve badge.

Badger Badge.

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